I am getting closer & closer to living full time each day

Let me give everyone some background on myself, my name is Joanne & I am a married, lifelong cross dresser. My wife has known about my desire to become a woman from when we first started dating, back then she would help me with my makeup & outfits, as a matter of fact, she was the one who got me started on going out in public while dressed. As the years past by, my wife grew tired of helping me dress as a woman but still didn't mind that I did it, a few more years pass & now my wife is telling me that my dressing as a woman sickens her & she asks that I don't do it around her, the problem with that was, she was always around. I continued dressing every night as I always did, i just had to put up with her complaining. I lost my job & collected unemployment, now I was dressing around the clock, my wife worked during the day so I had no one there to complain, but when she would get home, she would really go off on me. I began to do things just to piss her off, I threw out all of my male socks & underwear & started wearing panties, bra & pantyhose all of the time, I started wearing nightgowns to bed at night & I started growing my hair & fingernails long. Her response to this was, throwing out everything male that I owned & telling me she was going to tell everyone we knew about how I wanted to be a woman. I was betting that she was bluffing but really, I didn't care anymore, so about a month ago, while she was at work, I went out as Joanne & got my nails done, both fingers & toes, I had my ears double pierced & I got my eyebrows waxed into pencil thin, highly arched lines. I was waiting for her to come home, I was completely dressed & made up, sitting on the sofa with my legs crossed, like I always do, when she got home & saw me, she went ballistic, she started telling me I was nothing more then a sissy faggot, that I needed to go out & find a man to be with because that's what I always wanted, then she told me she was done with me, she was going to continue living here but from now on we each have separate lives, then she told me to go ahead & live as the fairy that i am, she didn't care any more. So I started living about 80% of my life as Joanne & to prove her point, she came home a few nights ago with four of the women she works with, she introduced me as her sissy, queer husband that wants to be a woman, then she said, you know, I've told you about him before, they all had a good laugh. Little did she know, I got the last laugh when I over heard her girlfriends tell her how good I looked, they said, if they didn't know I was a guy, they would have never known. So now I am slowly working on living full time as Joanne, each day I get a little bit closer.