Sexy talk

How are you guys doing I'm trying to find people to have a group where we can have some sexy talk maybe meet in the naughty room at a certain time every once in awhile just wondering if anybody's up for that. I had a nice conversation with somebody this morning in the naughty room and it was nice and I thought to myself that it would be nice with some other people throwing in there and put two instead of just one. Come on be honest all of us are looking for that too. I found it pretty hot to talk about some things with other people. I think it'd be a good thing to do with a good following and some good people that are on here. I can't believe I have to write 500 words LOL

come on I know we all have some stories and I know deep down inside we're all kind of shy to the point but I know I like doing it and I had an enjoyment this morning it was something fun to do especially in the time that we're in and then . You can really find out how the other person is and see if you guys are compatible which is probably the goal that we're all looking for