Today was the day

After many adventures out at night , today was the day to venture out during daylight .

I knew that I would need to prepare for my first daytime outing to the shops . I carefully showered and close shaved , being careful not to nic myself.
My wardrobe was all laid out , black angora short sleeved top, black tight jodhpur pants, long high heeled black boots, leopard print long cardigan , long fluffy black scarf ,tights and black gloves.As it was now raining I also got out my long black fluffy angora coat .36DD Bra and inserts to complete me.

Now for my makeup. Carefully putting down the layers to conceal any masculinity , eye liner and eye shadow next. Then it was time for my mascara and eyebrow makeup . A nice shade of dark pale red lipstick and I wax done. On with my jewelry , fine pearl necklace and pearl ear rings and fine pearl bracelet . Lastly my wig and glasses. I was done and ready to face the shops .

I drove to a supermarket I rarely use, parked outside , took a deep breath and exited my vehicle .
All rugged up with my shoulder bag I crossed the road and up the steps to the supermarket.
I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. Would anyone recognize me? Was my makeup good enough to pass?
I entered thru the sliding doors , no turning back now. I had decided to purchase some milk.

Off I strode , head held high to get my purchase. This felt fantastic. Nobody noticed me other than a couple of older men that were checking out my legs.

Down the isles to the refrigerated area,milk selected( this was amazing ) back around and to the self serve . They were all full , so I stood in the assigned position and waited for one to be free. The self serve employee motioned me thru and smiled at me as I passed her.

Milk purchased I exited the store to walk to my vehicle.
sitting in my vehicle afterwards I contemplated what I had just done. I overcame my fear of being noticed and ridiculed . I shopped like any other 60 year old women . The feeling of achievement was amazing. It’s taken some years to get to this point, but I know there are lots of other shopping and dining adventures that now await me.