A woman's must have item

I don't know how men cope, I am talking about the handbag I would be lost without mine. Even if I don't go out much, It is still by side. I keep my keys / driving licence / purse in it. I always know wear things are. But, if you go do go out, don't you fine you come back home, and it has a load of rubbish in it?. I was lucky, I was clearing mine out, and I found a nice £5 note in the inside zip pocket.

Years ago I used to have a lady friend in East London, who I would see once in a while. We were sitting in a bar having a drink, when she decided, like you do she needed to use the loo, anyway, she asked me to hold her bag for her, Bl#### H## It was HEAVY, SHE KEPT A FULL SIZE, YES, FULL SIZE HOUSE BRICK IN IT. I asked her why and she said with her big eyes and a wide smile " well, this is London's EastEnd, a girls needs to protect our selves" never has a true ever word been spoken, I guess a half brick would just not cut it.