Changing By Laurette & Bob (Crossdressing poem)

When I am her

I am whole

A missing part returned

That somebody stole

He’s a person too

But always felt lacking

That something was missing

From his internal packing

Knowing I’m really her

Just feels so right

As if correcting

Some vast oversight

I’m much more at ease

No longer lost

Her presence keeps growing

No matter the cost

When she’s in the fore

Life’s struggles don’t change

They get more complex

And just rearrange

Even with that

They seem easier to handle

Compared to being whole

They can’t hold a candle

Yet, him really being her

It sounds so absurd

As if reality itself

Has somehow been blurred

But when I apply that to me

It just seems to make sense

A deep feeling of rightness

That needs no defense

He’s getting scared

Afraid that he’ll die

As she comes out more

He’ll need to say goodbye

Uncertainty he’s faced

Unknown possibility

When making major changes

Not knowing who he’d be

But this time is different

He would just go away

No longer exist

Nothing left to stay

Of course she’d be here

And she is still me

But there’d be no room for him

There just couldn’t be

And she’s scared too

Just not sure

Who she really is

There’s no way to assure

Could she be just herself

Is she strong enough

To not be part of him

Does she have the right stuff

There’s no way to tell

Ahead of time

Before picking a path

Up a mountain to climb

Will it lead to a fall

Or up to the top

Once she picks

There’s no way to stop

Bridges will burn

That can’t be undone

This life is over

Once that journey’s begun

We’re scared to go forward

Unable to go back

Caught in the middle

Due to courage we lack

But do we lack courage

Our past tells us no

He’s faced down demons

Out in public she’d go

What holds us back

It’s as simple as fear

We’ve both lots to lose

A lot we hold dear

He’d lose himself

She’d lose him too

She would have to find out

If she could be someone new

So much more could be lost

Of family and friend

There’s no way to tell

Where the losses would end

Where to go from here

We both must decide

We’d have to agree

To sail on that tide

She must take command

He must surrender himself

He needs to be willing

To be put on a shelf

She spent a lifetime there

Now it’s his turn

She needs to live life

Her own lessons to learn

He’s fading away

And before this is done

Be gone completely

For there can only be one

Change can bring pain

This more than most

He’s watching himself

Turn into a ghost