Enbrace your femininty,,,Lipstick

I woke up with a sore throat and by that night it had turned into full fledged sickness complete with runny nose and sinus pressure. I’m a real joy to be around with my Dayquil guzzling and tissue hoarding. Thankfully this is my last week of working from home which means my germs are pretty contained. So how does this relate to lipstick, Well, getting sick makes me miss lipstick. You feel vulnerable when sick and if you’re constantly blowing your nose or licking your lips because of dehydration then wearing lipstick isn’t the best idea. But I feel even more vulnerable without lipstick!

Lipstick to me is like armor and I can’t live without it. When I wear it I feel like it changes my entire look. At any given time I have about four different lipsticks in my purse. I can’t help it. I’m a lipstick addict. I do however have a tendency to find a pretty shade of red and stick with it until I get bored. Lately it’s been favorite brand which is a lovely pink that took me forever to find because some pinks tend to make my teeth look yellow. But this one is an excellent matte pinky nude. I try to choose lipstick that will make my teeth look whiter, which means lipsticks with blue undertones. If it makes my teeth look yellow then it’s out. BOOTED. You do not want your lipstick to make you look like you just drank a cup of coffee.

I’ve tried to limit the amount of lipstick I buy cause like I said, I get bored, but I love my favorite brands of lipstick and they have a great recycling program where if you bring in six empty containers of makeup then you get a free lipstick. The pro stores, not the ones in department stores, let you get free lipstick or shadow but I tend to go for lipstick. This allows me to experiment with the colors and is a bit of a reward because it’s always nice to have one item that’s new. One reason I love my favorite brands of lipstick is that it doesn’t have an offensive or strong smell. I have two other brands and colors that are great for spring and summer but they have a scent that makes them difficult to wear. Always do research before you purchase because the last thing you want is a great product you can’t stand to wear because of something as simple as an added fragrance. Well I simple go with out my lipstick,,, an attractive lipstick,,,put on,,just right,, gives your smile,that glow and shouts your a woman,,,,,thats noticed,,, nice hair do,,,lipstick and hiheels,,,as feminine as it gets,,,