I am a sissy

OK. I said it. And I am on my way to fully accepting it. Like most of us, I have spent a great deal of time doing internet searches on what that really means. Based on everything I have read, there is no doubt in my mind that I am a sissy. Even in my early years, before I knew what a sissy was, I realized that I viewed the world, and women in particular, very differently than "normal" men. I have always adored, respected, and empathised with women way more than other boys and men. There is no question that I am a submissive. I almost always defer to the will of others, especially women. I have always been drawn to the groups of women at social gatherings finding their conversations more interesting than those of the men's circles. From a young age, too young to even know what sex was, I experimented with wearing lingerie and nylons. Later years, when having sex with a woman, my mental image was fixed on the under garments she was wearing more than the woman. It is clear to me now that my sexual attraction to the women's clothing was at least as strong as the attraction to the woman.

When I consider my life experience and mental outlook, coupled with my current lifestyle (shaving everything regularly, and fully dressing several times a week) the evidence is clear. I am a Sissy. I am starting to realize that is a good thing. Now I need to truly turn the page and accept my sissy self 100% so I can fully enjoy who I am.

With love, Candi