Duet By Laurette & Bob

Am I him,

Or am I her

My mind tells me one thing

And my body presents the other

Not fitting in

But accepted by men

Wanting acceptance

But excluded by women

She appeared within him

Much to his surprise

Confusion, understanding

Yet his whole life it defies

We’re confused,

Scared to the bone.

Surrounded by others,

Yet, somehow, always alone.

She exists

She is real

But her public appearance

Is denied with much zeal

She exists

But must remain hidden

Carefully concealed

As an odious midden

She has her life

So completely hidden

Only called forth

When safely bidden

He exists

He is real

His public appearance

Is propped up with much zeal

He exists

He is always on display

To do otherwise

Would cause much dismay

He lives his life

In so much pain

Nurtures and protects

For others to gain

He’s been through so much

And lived his life

but now it’s her turn

though the cost is much strife

There’s so much missed time

She already regrets

Is it asking too much

To live some before the sun sets

She feels trapped

So does he

She by his body

He by what she needs to be

She’s eager, excited,

Impatient to go

He’s nervous, frightened

Sees the need to go slow

She awoke inside him

Much to his dismay

Now he cherishes her

More than he can convey

We exist

But we are trapped

Our future course

Is territory unmapped

We are real

We’ve been given the trust

We are depended on by others

So continue on we must

She gives him hope

He provides inner strength

Together, maybe,

They can journey the full length.

Am I him

Or am I her

Something of which

I’m never sure

But I do know

That together


Are me