What adventure & still going

Its 2020 & I never thought I would have walked the life I have walked so far.

I have been reading the blogs on this site & they are great & eye opening.

I have been crossdressing on & off for 20 years now.

Why I started CDing is kind of different then alot of the stories I read here but either way I found a new fun life but it has its difficulties.

I started dressing like a women when I was about 20yrs old. I would hang around adult book stores because I liked the movie booths in the back. I didnt have a place I could watch Adult movies so I could watch many different types for not much money. Now while doing this I not having a good sex life because I was no good with talking with women when it came to dating. Sure as friends I was great but as soon as it came to dating I just couldn't do it right. So then with watching adult movies & men being men it was easy to hook up & I did & found the Bi sexual life style.

Then one day talking to a religious person & them pointing out in the Bible how men should not lay with another man as a women would. I felt bad doing my new life style.

But after reading the verse & not know the other verse of men should not dress like a women.

I figured because I didn't know that verse I would dress like a women & that would make it ok. So I started dressing like a women. I looked super cute in my fem cloths because I was skinny but today I still look good but have a little work to do. Lol.

So then as time went on I became a true Sissy. Lol.

I then moved & found my nabor liked the fact that I dressed but closed my minds door to the goodness of being a Sissy & up till today & reading a blog here the door Sissy opened again. I am just that. A Sissy & I'm proud to be one.

But up till 4 months ago I quit dressing up & 2 years ago I had thrown everything away because I didn't think I could find a women that would except my crossdressing.

Then quit narcotics 2 years ago & my mind shut out eveything. I became everything thing that everyone is while being on narcotics. These groups talked becoming this type of person because they quit everything & I was this person while on narcotics & then turned into the person they all talked about while they were on narcotics but with me I was that person being sober. But it is what it is. I can never use ever ever again because it messes up mylife. So I'll be what ever I am as long as I'm sober.

i prayied to the newly found Higher Power & now I am becoming a better person.

Then I met this Great women & we are getting married.

So one day I told her of how I liked dressing up like a women. She then tells me. I'm not stopping you from dressing up. I support you. I though oh yeah right thats what the last one said & that didn't work out. But I figured ok let's do this slow & see how she reacts.

I started to buy some female cloths & got an outfit together & this took about 2 months but in the mean time I would send her pixs from pintrest & talk about me crossdressing & then one day I came out all dressed up in my female outfit.

She liked it. She was like OH My GOSH you are so cute.

So now I have been building up a new wardrobe of new outfits & a whole new style.

It's great.

Then i told my fiance about getting a group together so to go clubbing & so I have people to go out with so I'm not alone. That would be bad for me I'm thinking but would if I have to.

So I told her & she was like well why can't I go out with you. Thinking when I started dressing again & said it would be fun to go to club Icon dressed up & do some dancing you said no. I'll be fine with you dressing but I'm not going out with you. But now in real time months later she wants to go out with me. I am so happy she is a number 3 type wife. Like the one women on here post in her blog sorry doll forgot your name but I'm lucky to have this type of wifey.

She loves me dressing up.

But she likes this beard so I keep it for her for now. But when spring comes Im shaving it off. I'll grow it back in the end of fall so she still gets to see what she loves.

it's the compromises that we make for our lovers.

I am a Minister supported by The Universe Life Church but I see a whole new light & am making a church for all the Transgender People.

I wont get into it much here because all the crossdressing sites I have been on delete post when it comes to religion or politics. Because it starts fights.

i say we have freedom of speech & its not right to stop people from talking about what they want but when I'm finished with my church web site it will be posted here. The name is a turn off but to be a Minister I have to be honest & up front.

I believe i am the Anti Christ but have been redeemed so I stay away from getting into government now & see a new message of the bible so i figure instead of doing what they preach i should do i will do something else & be someone new because I am a person born with free will. I know makes no sense but im just blabbering.

But i am who i am.

i like to help people feel better & help in the ways i can.

Well lets some of my life to say the least & in as little words as i can because i could go on for ever.

Im a Sissy Pansexual Minister Man that wants to live a life that will help the people of the future because they are who matter more than anything.

if you made it to the end of this.

wow & thanks for reading.

be safe

ask ever one if they have stds before you play if you play

be nice & kind to all

& with hug & love Anna