Who am I ?

I was reading an interesting article this morning that talked about sexual identity. I often wondered where I fell in that spectrum. As a youth I always found myself attracted to very dominant women. Someone who I was happy to serve and be told what to do. I married a person like that. She definitely is more manly then me lol and she knows I am more femme in nature, but she doesn’t like the idea of me being a woman because it would make her look like a lesbian ig. Anyway in the article it listed several scenarios of gender identity.
One that resonated with me was a male who identified as a female who was attracted to other males who identify as females ..... they called this being “trans lesbian”. I found this label to fit some how when I reflect on I feel about myself and how I view my relationship with my SO, who is more masculine then I am, and tbh the attraction I have to others “like” me here.

Just a thought .... I don’t know what to think of it all. I just know when I am Courtney I am happy and when I am with all of you I am in heaven. Love you all