'My missing lady Friend'

Hello again folks, I have only just had an email from jane (Ref 5th jan. 2020) 'A new Life' Jane is doing o.k. now and still enjoying her new partner. This made me think of another dear friend with whom I chatted to on a regular basis. I won't divulge her name. We had great fun inventing scenarios which we acted out on here. Her Wife was suffering an incurable cancer which they were both handling very well, she was devoted to her wife's welfare and dressing was a great relief to her as is this to many of our members. I never heard from her for a long time and then one day she contacted me to say that her wife was in Palliative care. I really felt for both of them, she had tried to hold down her job as a School Teacher but throughout all the stress She eventually had to take compassionate leave. When the sad day that her Wife passed away she had a further absence from CCD...A few weeks after the funeral she got in touch again and said that she intended to go for a full transformation and that she had started dressing full time We did keep in touch for a while and she kept me informed of her progress including facial and body lazer treatment and building her new wardrobe but then she disappeared again. I don't know what has happened to her now whether she is managing o.k. or maybe something not so good. I have not seen her name on the site for almost 1 year, but wherever and whatever she is doing I wish her the very best of what she desires, and who knows, she may make contact again someday..I do hope that she does...I would love to hear of any similar situations that you have encountered.....Stay Safe Everyone...Love ..Cristina.