Welcome back

A little while ago I blogged about members who had vanished without trace and wondered if they were O.K. or if something not very nice had befallen them.

I have some good news on that subject, but before that, If you are having problems with anything do please talk to someone somewhere or even on this site. Most of us have been through almost all types of hurdles that we encounter related to our traits whatever they may be. So back to my good news A very dear friend whom I grew quite fond of and was in regular contact, message me one day almost one year ago and told me that her PC was failing and so she would try to keep in touch until such times as she could acquire a new one. After this message she simply disappeared .

I search all over for her as I had no telephone number and her e-mail address had ceased. But then 2 weeks ago I started getting some messages through but no picture so I didn't relate to them, but then the penny dropped and I instantly remembered who she was. So much of her time had been taken up with reprogramming her P.C and retrieving passwords etc.

The 'Lady' in question had been widowed not long before we first chatted so there was a lot of pressure on her back then on top of the P.C.probs. I'm pleased to announce that she is up and running again (not in her heels ) So WELCOME BACK 'andreajane' from Yeovil xxx