Things I have learned to refine my look.

I have found out to complete my look as a woman is that I had to shave my legs, arms, chest, and well then all body hair to complete the look and feel I wanted. With shaven arms, chest, and legs it almost instantly gave me the passible woman look I wanted to achieve. Then make up , wigs, the proper breast forms, heels, and the proper accessories ( Purses, jewelry, painted nails, and false nails ) finished off my look. oops and I almost forgot the use of Gaffs, gaffing panties, or tucking and taping to hide your lower bits and piece to remove the package look when cross dressed.

It took time and patients to learn. I even consulted a retired ex-Dominatrix for the body hair shaving, make up application, breast form usage, and accessorizing my look. I highly suggest the same if you can find a Dominatrix to tutor you in these areas.

Wishing all ladies the best of luck.

Sincerely Willa