The chat

I think it was mid January, my wife came home from work, I was fully dressed, as I am just about every day, sitting at the table on my laptop. She looked at me & shook her head then went to

get changed. When she returned, she pulled out a chair at the table & sat down across from me, she told me she was going to move into the spare bedroom & that I can have the master bedroom back. As if that was not good enough news, she continued by talking about us continuing to live in the same house but living separate lives, to make sure I was hearing her right, I asked her if that meant I could bring a man home to spend the night with & she said yes. It was the best day of my life, of course it was going to take her some time to move into the spare bedroom as she wanted all new furnishings but after hearing news like this I didn't care how long it takes her & now I can dress everyday without worrying about her coming home from

I am finally the woman I always wanted to be

work & calling me names, life is getting better.