Lovely choices

Someone once said that variety is the spice of life. This rings true to me so it's no wonder I love dressing so much! I mean just think of the boring choices for men's clothes - polo or dress shirt, jeans or slacks, boxers or briefs, cross trainers or dress shoes. That's about it. As a girl though - wow- so much to explore! How to makeup my eyes today? Dress or top with pants/skirt? How bout a jumper? Stockings, pantyhose, or bare legs? So many choices of bra style and color. I have at least a dozen different styles myself! And panty choices? Panty design is like art - a myriad of styles for full coverage, hipsters, thongs, cheeky, satin, lace, cotton, literally hundreds of different choices to fit any mood or preference. Girdles and corsets. And heels! How many different styles and heights! Peep toe, strappy, pumps, sandals, and so many more!

Given the variety, it's no wonder dressing femme is so wonderful. Feeling a little hum drum? Try a new clothing style! Add some spice to your life. :-)