When I finally bought a car I was able to drive to secluded spots around the city and dress and walk around in the sun on windy days, or enjoy a nice warm rain shower. On one nice hot and windy day I went to a park alongside a busy highway. I wore a nice blue silk shirt skirt that was so light that the wind would blow it all over. I wore a matching bras, panties, garter and stockings, my best sexy heels, a wig , make up and jewelry. I pranced around the walkways in that park fighting the wind to keep my dress down. I found a nice windy spot that was in full view of the highway and I could see and hear the cars driving by. An incredibly strong wind blew my dress right up and off my body, I was lucky to catch it before it blew away and scrambled to put it back on. I could hear cars screeching and honking on the highway. There was a line of cars pulling into the park and I was just able to get back to my car as they pulled up and caught a closer look at the slut who was exposing herself drive away. I spent the afternoon at home with some toys dreaming of what I could have experienced that day