Inject Disinfectant to Kill COVID19

So- One year ago today- during a “Coronavirus Task Force” Meeting and in front of the WORLD- the former president of the United States, suggested..... (while looking at his team of COVID-19 advisers for support) “maybe we could look at injecting disinfectant because once it gets into the lungs it does a number on them” and shortly afterwards wondered aloud “if ultraviolet light could be inserted in the lungs since it kills coronavirus” (it had been shown to be effective on inanimate surfaces as had bleach and other oxidizers). Note here; oxidizers such as bleach “destroy cell walls of most organic compounds whereas UV light (certain wavelengths) don’t “destroy” cells as oxidizers do but render pathogenic cells incapable of reproducing thus when the cell dies, it didn’t replicate) Both methods also require certain units of time of exposure to be effective.
One of the doctors sitting in the room (Dr. Deborah Birx) recently was asked how much the disinformation coming from the “president” for the next ~9 months, affected the terrible loss of lives (570,000 to date) Her response; “the first 100,000 would have been difficult to stop but; with honesty and had the proper measures been supported by the former president, the rest could have been mitigated or drastically reduced”. There were many “claims” made by “him” about the virus and unproven medications- none based on science- that to this day are causing vaccine hesitation & anti-vaccine propaganda- all providing the virus with more “subjects” in which to evolve into deadlier and more transmissible or more of which may lead to a vaccine resistant virus and.....we start all over. It was learned that even after “he” was hospitalized with covid, as was his wife and many others either working at or attending parties at the White House “UNMASKED” because to wear a mask in the presence of “dear leader” was a sign of not supporting “him”- BTW- it was learned after he left office- he was in much more serious condition in the hospital than his doctors were allowed to indicate and....before his last days in office, he and his wife “in private” received full vaccination-had he done it publicly like other responsible leaders did so, his “followers” may have changed their positions.
NOT SURPRISED- most “cult leaders” are “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrites proclaiming to be the “savior” who will rid them of their problems- or does he really mean their lives?