Flying En Femme

Hi gurls. Going out En Femme to nightclubs, the mall shopping and on dates is always exciting. Flying En Femme is even more exciting.  I travel a lot and always fly En Femme. I’ve been doing it for years.  So, I thought I would give some tips to make your travel experience enjoyable.  

First and foremost, be confident!  Regardless of how “passable” you feel you are, hold your pretty head high with confidence. You will enjoy your experience more and your interactions with you fellow travelers. Be comfortable going out in public prior to flying femme. There will always be a few rude people out there whether or not you are en femme. The vast majority of my interactions with others are very pleasant. Don’t let the rare rude individual spoil your fun. Also be comfortable being looked at.  I wear very short skirts and enjoy the attention. 

Now let’s talk about how you choose to present yourself. Don’t feel like you have to go full-out femme. Most of the time I do, but occasionally I dress down in a nice pair of jeans, camisole, pretty blouse, flats or sneakers with light makeup and a pretty hat. No wig or breast prosthetic. Regardless of what I wear, I try to dress classy.  My first flight en femme I wore jeans blouse, etc. as I described above except instead of a blouse I wore a lightweight, long fuchsia cardigan duster with a lace camisole underneath. I was testing the waters as they say. The trip went fantastic.  The airline agent, security check point agent all referred to me as Miss James.  It felt so affirming. Next trip I wore the same except with a pare of cute denim shorts. Third flight, full-out femme.  No issues at all checking in and going through security. Now days I have Clear and TSA Pre-check. I do a retinal scan and don’t even have show an ID.  Having Clear and Pre-check is a big convenience, but not necessary. On another note, I enjoy having a little naughty fun on planes, but am very careful to do so discreetly (it’s an art form ladies). 

On to logistics. My transformation from Chris to Chrissy takes about two and a half hours.  Since I very protective of Chrissy’s identity, I use a Airbnb to get ready instead of transforming at my condo, where I know a lot of my neighbors.  Your circumstances will vary. I give myself three hours so I can enjoy the transformation without feeling rushed.  It is important for your confidence to be relaxed. I always backward plan, e.g., if my flight is 1:30, I arrive at the airport at 11:30, leave Airbnb at 11:00, start getting ready 8:00, arrive at Airbnb at 7:30 (to organize, etc), leave my condo at 7:00, up at 5:00.  Planning is critical to enjoying a relaxing experience. 

I also always fly with a “safety net”.  I check my large suitcase, and have a carry on with my grooming essentials, makeup, a couple of changes of Chris’s clothes and a couple of Changes of Chrissy’s clothes (usually a nice outfit and some Lululemon hotty-hot shorts, sports bra and long sleeve yoga top and a short wig). On a very rare occasion, my luggage will arrive on a later flight, so best to have a safety net. I also have a cute Tumi zipper bag that I put Chris’s briefcase in along with an extra pair of hose and some pumps (see my pictures). For practically, I wear flats or sneakers in the airports and put on pumps when I get to my final destination.  

Restrooms: I always use the women’s restroom when femme. I do limit the fluids I drink, because taking down hosiery, gaff, etc. to use the bathroom then getting everything tucked back and pulled up can be quite tasking . 

Another important logistical note is to know the laws and customs of where you are flying to. I restrict my en femme travel to the U.S.  I do go out as Chrissy in  other countries, but just don’t fly en femme there.  If you plan to go out to nightclubs, etc. do your research ahead of time.  Know that you are going to a safe place that will welcome you.  Details like making sure you phone is charged, backup cash, etc are important. Also, if you drink keep it in moderation so as to not compromise yourself. 

So, there you have it ladies.  Hold your pretty head up high, smile and enjoy the friendly sky’s! ❤️