Hi girls!! Boys I know you appreciate us and you’re welcome to read this but it’s more for peeps with breasts!!! Maybe you guys will get some understanding of what we girls do to keep finding ways to make ourselves more desirable or “delicious”!! 
So girls, “nipples” can be thought of like Christmas trees- even “plain” they elicit feelings of anticipation & excitement and the hope of things to c*m….so- why not ADD to the possibilities that a sexy surprise gives a partner- or- “you” when you look in the mirror and go out knowing you’re now a “naughty girl”!! 
I have always bought breast forms with either “no” nipple/areola or very subtle  ones so I could attach nipples (or not) were I like them rather than be locked into someone else’s idea. If you have forms with nipples, as long as there not to large you can cover and hide them with clear tape in order to try my suggestion. It’s probably not a good idea to pierce nipples on forms.

You can find the items you need for this on Amazon.

“VOLLENCE ADHESIVE SILICONE NIPPLES”- $20.00 USD- I used “medium” size in “Tawny”- I like them because they’re darker and more visible through a thin bra if I want that look. I don’t know if the “small” will pierce safely and “large” are more “nip” than I prefer for “my” look- you decide!

Jewelry- “JOERICA STAINLESS STEEL NIPPLE JEWELRY”. ~$13.00 USD Multiple colors available- I chose “Rose”- I may get other colors. Note- The inside diameter of the   “Heart” is to small to fit around the nipple- (small sacrifice to me) and I may make them into something else cause they’re cute. 
Last item; “MUQU SILICONE NIPPLE PASTIES” ~$10.00 USD. 3 colors available- I chose black because- I’m not trying to conceal the dark color- only “turning down the bright lights” and  yet  still get “slight”  nipple protrusion. I’m not a fan of padded bras ‘cause they cancel “jiggle and nips”- boo on that for me!!!
To install the “nipple posts” in your sexy new nipples, you’ll need a sharp thin “awl” or “ice pick” like tool- I had one and will try to include a picture.  You probably can find one on Amazon or in a hardware store. 
On a clean smooth work surface (table) - 1) stick a nipple to it after removing the plastic backing 

2) remove the jewelry from the bags- unthread one end from the post and examine the “stanchon or bracket” so you can determine where the awl will need to pierce- you’ll want to keep it as close to the areola as possible and yet high enough so the bracket just touches the areola. 
2) place the point of the “awl” near the base of the nipple just above the areola and carefully pierce through it’s diameter being careful to ensure it stays  centered and level. Remove the awl  noting where the entry hole is

4) push the “post” through the hole you made- the silicone is flexible yet tough so be careful!! Once the post is completely through the nipple- remove the nipple from the work surface and bend the “areola” out of the way so you  have clearance to screw on the other end. 
DIDN’T HURT A BIT DID IT!! I “winced” when I poked the holes in the nipple with the awl- why you ask?? For the unfortunate “biological girls” who have their nipples pierced!!! No numbing shot (I assume they need to Novacaine the nip first unless your “into” excruciating pain) and you never need to worry about infection or having your piercings accidentally “rip” through a nipple- GASP!!!

Tried to add a second pic (pierced nipple) but couldn’t - will figure a way-maybe another post?