Gigi Gorgeous vs. Dave Chapelle

At times, I have found Chapelle’s comedic talent (Like many top comedians) very capable of exposing the “truth” and failures of society. He has recently exceeded ALL expectations in revealing “truth” about himself as he  sows the seeds of “hate” by belittling the LBBTQ+ community and we “girls” in particular. He seems to feel that “we girls” are somehow, by hoping the world recognizes “us” for who we are, is, in his mind, competing for some “limited amount of capacity“ for the world to finally respect the black and brown communities and that the world may not have the capacity to also find its way to accept androgynous people.

Dear Dave, we in the LBBTQ+ Community have been hated and persecuted since the dawn of civilization and been made convenient targets for several millennium- that’s thousands of years Dave, not hundreds of years but- if you’re persecuted for a “thousand” years or for one year, you still understand being “hated”.  Most of the hate and persecution in history has been perpetrated by religious zealots or the wealthy who profited by gaining more power and wealth through twisting religion to serve them. While not all persecution is identical in “form”, shouldn’t ALL who are persecuted realize we have “one” thing in common- “the persecutors may look different but they still have one objective- GAIN FROM THE PERSECUTION OF “SOMEONE ELSE”- so I ask you Dave- how much did Netflix “pay you for your “comedy special” in which you became the persecutor?
I never knew who “Gigi the Gorgeous” was until now- THANKS to you, I now know what a Gorgeous human being Gigi is!!! 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only LOVE can do that”

You sci-fi’ers will understand this question;
Hal; “Just what do you think you’re doing here, Dave? Dave, I really think I’m entitled to an answer to that question.”

To you non-Sci-fi’ers!!

2001; A Space Odyssey 

Author; ArthurC. Clarke 

Directed by Stanley Kubrick