Good times revisited

As a mature lingerie wearing fan of all things CD and TV  I am currently having  a revival of my youth. I used to dress often in my mothers and sisters underwear, usually Playtex corsets and all in ones with seamed stockings. One day a family friend whom I called Uncle called when I was in on my own and caught me strutting around in a corset and stockings. I thought I was in big trouble but it turned out he rather liked it. He sort of blackmailed me to have sex with him or he would tell my parents so I sucked his cock and he fondled me until he shot his load over my face. I secretly enjoyed it and we enjoyed various repeat performances over the next few months. Then it was time for senior school and we never tried it after that. After a few encounters with both sexes over the years I married and had kids and never strayed. Present day now, kids have flown the nest, wife not into sex any more so I have revived my early CD times and I am loving it. I am now bottom mainly, adore oral and occasionally enjoy feeling a nice cock inside me. I adore kissing and cuddling especially when I am with someone who thinks and dresses as I do, usually lots of silk and satin,stockings etc.. More to relate on another blog later but please don't think your sexy fun times are over. Think sexy thoughts and you can make it happen again. XXX