My biggest ever

Out nature walking one sunny day - I often wear sexy lingerie under my clothes and today was no different ; wearing white sheer lace top stay up stockings white satin panties and low cut camisole - beneath track sit pants and navy blue t-shirt; when i crossed the path with a tall well built man in his early forties-we exchanged knowing smiles-but really did he know?  I glanced back and found he was looking at me too! He turned into a clump of trees and i followed finding him inside rubbing his groin-my hand replaced his and i felt his stirring -with hand his in the back of my neck he pulled me close and we kissed softly at first the with snake-lick tongues a s i felt him had in his shorts-then in a movement on my knees and easing him out he sprung before taking me breath away as he twitched with hardness-what specimen he was all of twelve long-thick with a plum size crown and big balls that spilled out of my cupped hand-with mouth agape i wrapped my lips around his bell and suckles as my tongue swirled-he cupped in his hands my head i struggled not to gag and he fucked my mouth- my tongue curling and licking his shaft up and down then down to his bass which i sucked-he seem to like that i asked to suck harder-which i did as i wanked him- then stood up and he help me removed my clothes as i did his-whispering 'hope you like? as i stood in my sexy outfit-he said not a word but his smile did-we lay in the cool grass and enchained in a 69 curled around each other staring into each others eyes-we both sucked and slurped with lust and passion-i eased a finger inside him as i went down he squired and bucked with moans and shortening breath-panting ;if you keep doing that gonna cum in your mouth-which i replied kneeel over me and guide and slide over my perused parted lips-with rhythm and ever fastening- then he took that massive throbbing cock in his fist and wanked furiously he preposition now over his now inches from mouth and my outstretch  tongue-his back arched and will one orgasm moan he came-at first in violent spurts then in a rich thick cascade filling my mouth and coating my torso neck and face -then i took him in my mouth and sucked and swallowed as yet more cum oozed out mouth and over my chin and neck-i too came aswell collasped panting and in a stare of bliss-we lay basking but alas soon he left me metastatic in ecstasy he kissed my cheeks...licked me clean and went