Hello Friends. After 52 years, with some purging in between, I can now come out and be the Gurl I've always wanted to be. I've started ordering things, like breast forms, online and feel really good about the look I am developing. When the first packages arrived I felt like a little girl at Christmas. I do my own makeup but I can't pass because I look to much like my sister! Next month I'm going for a professional makeup transformation. I can't wait to see what they can do. 

A lot of people talk about feeling like a natural girl. How does anyone know how a natural girl feels. Breast forms are heavy, are real breasts that heavy? How do girls feel about being looked at and admired? I guess I need to be looked at and admired. To that end I got dressed up in my red cold shoulder knee length dress, stockings and suspenders, red 3 inch pumps, makeup, jewelry and auburn wig. I thought I looked pretty good. I drove to an adult bookstore and wouldn't you know I ran into another cd! She was very sweet and directed me to a couple of cd friendly hangouts. Funny, I thought I looked hot but all she commented on were my glasses. WTF. I told her I admired her skirt which was a lie.

Thank you for reading. Hope to post more real soon.

Suzi xoxo