One Evening

I wrote this many years ago. I can also see myself as the "other woman"

You decide to go to a gallery opening hosted by your friend Steve. When you get there, the place is absolutely jammed. The air is charged with a kind of hyped-up sexuality. You haven't been there long when you spot me on the other side of the room, wearing a black satin, full-length gown, that hugs every curve on my slim figure. It has a scoop neckline that shows off my beautiful bosom. My shiny hair is piled on top of my head, giving me an elegant and queenly look. In that crowded room, I seem to be wrapped up in silence and reserve.

Steve sees you looking at me, comes up to you and says, "Can I introduce you?" You shake your head no, not sure what to say to such an exquisite looking woman. You feel you're out of your league.

You try to put me out of your mind, but you keep picturing yourself kneeling in front of me, lifting the skirt of your chiffon dress and pulling down your panties. You're dying to meet me. At the same time, you're intentionally avoiding me -- not all that easy to do, since the gallery is rather small. In fact you begin to have the feeling that I know you're avoiding me and of course that makes you feel even more self-conscious.

By midnight you decide you want to go home. You prepare to leave and feel a light touch on your shoulder. When you turn around you find yourself staring into my lovely brown eyes. The warmth of my smile surprises you. I introduce myself and ask if you enjoyed the opening. "I don't know much about art, but I enjoy coming and meeting people. (Except I've tried not to meet you!)," you blurt out. "However it does become tiring after a while and I just need to get going."

I lay my hand on your arm and suggest that we share a cab ride uptown. You nod, in a daze, and we head outside. We wait outside a few minutes until a cab comes along. When we get into the taxi, you start to feel a sense of intimacy between us.

"You have nice legs," I murmur. Placing a manicured hand on your thigh, I squeeze your leg slightly. You're so startled that you freeze and just sit there, staring at my hand. In the next moment, my hand goes under your short skirt and my fingers are pressed against the bulge and damp crotch of your panties. I look into your eyes and smile at my discovery. You start to tremble with embarrassment and desire, and for a brief moment you're half afraid you're about to come in my hand.

"Tell me what it is you really want," I say softly.

My fingertips are still lightly brushing your bulge and the whispering sound of my hand moving beneath your dress is unbearably sexy. An emotion you've been suppressing for years makes your throat constrict, and all at once you feel you're about to cry. Closing your eyes, you shake your head from side to side. "I can't," you finally whisper.

I take my hand away and stare straight ahead. You're embarrassing close to coming, and each jolt of the cab seems to bring you even closer. As we pull in front of my building, I ask you if you want to come inside. When you shake your head no, I give you a small smile and step onto the curb.

As the taxi starts pulling away, you suddenly become furious with yourself. For years you've fantasized about a woman like me, and now there I am. Why are you leaving, then? On impulse you tell the driver to stop, quickly pay him and leave the taxi. I'm still at my front door, holding my keys in my hand. As you come up the steps, out of breath and flushed, I look down and wait for you to speak. Your voice husky, you stand there and plead with me to give you what you've always wanted.

We walk into the apartment and take off our coats. You drape yours over a chair, and as you turn around, I come over and press you against the wall. Taking your face in my slim hands, I kiss you hard on the lips. Tasting my lipstick, feeling my hard nipples through your dress, makes you so hot that you start to whimper. The feel of my mouth on yours excites you so much that your legs go weak.

Just when you're about to come, I extricate myself from your arms and step back. Without speaking, I undo the pins from my hair and start pulling down my dress. As my breasts spill out, you lean against the wall and stare at me through half-closed eyes. My tits are tremendous. The walnut brown nipples are puffy and swollen and as I slide my dress past my hips, my breasts sway back and forth. Straightening up, I am naked except for my white and black lace garter belt, black seamed stockings and black patent heels. Between my legs a little wisp of brown hair frames the magnificence of my cock.

Your heart is hammering. You feel as vulnerable as you had the first time you had been laid. Numbly you reach back to unzip your dress, but I shake my head and tell you to take off your panties and nothing else. When you've done as I have said, I point at the floor. Almost as if you were watching a movie or dreaming, you see yourself falling to your knees in front of me. Gathering your skirt in one hand, I bend you forward and expose your naked ass. Then reaching in front, I ease your breasts out of their containment in your dress and
start to rub in gentle circles, with the palms of my hands until your nipples are hard and jutting out. You moan in pleasure and then a cry of startlement as I pinch them, increasing pressure until you cry out in pain and pleasure.

You start rocking back and forth, moaning deliriously, and know that you'll soon melt into an orgasm like you've never felt before. Just as suddenly as it begins, just as it seems you're ready to explode, I stop and walk away. Lying there on your hands and knees, your ass in the air, you hear my heels clattering across the room. You lift your head and see me moving towards you, smearing lubricant on the columns of my fingers in smooth strokes. In my eyes there is a tenderness that makes you want to give yourself to me completely.

As I approach you, you put your head on your arms and raise your rump in the air. My hands feel wonderfully cool and hot at the same time as I stroke your cheeks and whisper, "Such a pretty ass," over and over again. Just as you begin to relax to the soft touch of my hands, you draw your breath in sharply as I slap each cheek hard once and then twice and then return to a smooth caress. When I start pushing my lubricated fingers between your cheeks, you tighten your inner muscles to center yourself, and then relax your opening to me.

The head of my cock presses against your anus. There is no resistance in your heart or your body, and you're so much at ease that I enter in one smooth stroke. As your rectum expands, you're in heat again, but it's a different kind of lust--not frantic or urgent, but deeply sensual.

I reach under you and cup your breasts. Mounted on top of you, with your hard nipples in my hand, I gently begin to move my hips. Each time I thrust into you, you can feel the heat of my crotch against your ass.

Bending over you , my breathing is deep and regular, but my legs are trembling, and I keep giving you breathy little kisses on your neck and shoulders. Now and then you tighten your inner muscles, trying to hold me inside you. As I ease backward, you relax and feel the delicious slide of my flesh leaving you.

You can tell it must be hard for me, fucking you this gently, and that I'd need to fuck you hard to make myself come. But I don't want to hurt you, and for a long time I move slowly in and out, holding myself back. My constraint touches you, and as you fill up with tenderness for me, your orgasm begins to blossom. You ache with pleasure and can't bear the gentle teasing motion.

"Fuck me harder," you breathe, "Do it harder, please!" Quivering with excitement and relief, I heave into you harder and harder until both of us are panting desperately. You know that I can't hurt you. You're too hot, too opened up, and you want me so badly. "Harder!" you say again.

I start making a throaty growling sound, and now I'm fucking you so hard that my heavy tits are slapping up and down your back. You have the feeling that your orgasm is like a red flower in you and that if I fucked you hard enough, I could touch the flower and push my way through it. A moment later, with me crying out in ecstasy, you surrender yourself entirely, and vanish into the light.