Cross Dressing. - A poem for all admirers

Cross Dressing.  - A poem for all admirers

I have 40 pairs of knickers

That's not a bad selection

And when I feel the satin silky flow

I get a massive erection

Baby doll outfits they do it for me

And the pleasure is heaven by far

With pink high heels on

Suspenders stocking's and a bra

Sexy ladies lingerie that's a turn on to me

And I wear silky knickers every day I can

As the silky lacey texture flows over my genitals

Masterbation yes I am a big fan

So to all you cross dressing heroes

I like to say a big thank you with a kiss

You giris look so pretry in every and thing you wear

Come let's play with each other -Bliss

With white fishnet stocking's on

I know it looks so lush to feel

But I get a massive boner on

Awaiting for the your manhood to reveal

Sex and lingerie they go hand in hand

I love the way it feels

So if you would like to masterbate

Cum please on my high heels

That would be wonderful for me

So cum on let the party all dance

Because us cross dressers all love

To stroll around in ladies pants

Some say we are perverts just gay

But we are definitely not messing

I love you all so carry on

I love cross dressing.

Thanks all CD's From far away and near

Look over there ..,have you seen her

Out and about in clubs and bars

Hugs and kisses love from DEENA

Deena sex in high heels. Please message me if you are not to offended by this poem I would love to chat about any sex adventures you have had or fancy having xx