A Poem for Taylor

A Poem for Taylor

It's that time again

You are the best I have ever seen

It's a pleasure to be in your presence

If only on the small screen

Just to see you is so devine

You make life so wonderful

when your not about it is no fun

We are all very very dull

So I look forward to the moments

it fills my heart with glee Okay

Oh yes you are the sunshine

That brightens any rainy day

I await with antipidation for you

To appear on the screen I do

Be along soon my love

Because I have been waiting for you

You are an absolute Angel

Marks out of 10 you are an eleven

So tell me one thing did it hurt

When you fell out of Heaven <sup></sup>

I adore all your pics

Theycertainly make the grade

Because you are so special

You are truly Taylor made.

With love from Deena xxx