Adventures with Loulou Part 1 (crossdressing)

I had it all planned , my wife was away visiting her mother (didn't go ,we don't get on ) so the house was all mine and you know what that means ....time for Loulou !! Driving home my mind is racing, what shall I wear ? Shall I be the conservative Loulou with tan stockings ivory cami knicks and matching suspenders with a dark pencil skirt and cream blouse court shoes and pearls .Or ... The lady in red (not sure about lady ) with red stockings ,suspender belt and panties black strapless heels and black dress or shall I be the slut of the house with my seamed lace top stockings black thong, suspenders 5 in heels and slutty tight red dress ?.Finally arrived home and charged up the stairs pulling off my male attire . retrieved the nair from my pantie draw and spread the cream all over my legs and crotch . then jumped in the shower .Whilst washing the hair away I decided it was slutty Loulou tonight....Nails painted pillar box red I slipped into my stockings and panties then the heels (love high heels )then struggle to fit into my tight little red dress ,blonde wig and red lips and VOILA ..slutty loulou .Off downstairs to open a nice bottle of Sancerre ,my heels clip clopping over the wooden floor. I love the freedom of the house when I'm being Loulou . Now for some nice jazz how about stan getz yes that will be ideal..Dancing round listening to stan with another glass of delicious wine ,love the feel of cool air on the top of my legs between my stockings and dress (did I tell you that this slutty dress doesn't cover my stockings !) Getting quite turned on now ..then there's a knock at the door be continued , if anyone wants me to x