Loulou's first time, Part 2 Crossdressing .

I thought if I ignored it then they would stop so I poured another glass of wine , however it didn't so I (stupidly) peeked thru the curtains to see who it was ,It was a police officer ( I had recently complained about off road bikers in my area) ,what a time to show up )and he saw the small chink of light from the movement of the curtains . so now he was knocking on the window too .

I was petrified , what could I do ,this officer was not going away ...So I gave a big intake of breath and opened the door .'may I come in ? Its about the complaint you made ' .I ushered him in and closed the door , So I'm standing in my living room dressed like a slut with a police officer asking me questions , I made some lame excuse that I was on my way to a fancy dress party but he just kept writing things down on his notepad 'of course SIR ' he said with a mocking emphasis on the sir . .I was so embarrassed and nervously pulling the hem of my ridiculously short skirt down to my stockings and shifting my high heeled feet from one to the other .'well I think I have enough information SIR' he exhaled ..thank god he's finally finished and is going ..it felt like an hour but was probably about ten minutes .He turned to the door but the next thing he did floored me ....he took out his phone and snapped me ,why did you do that I asked nervously ? Now I can use this unless you comply !

What name do you answer to SIR (mocking) ...wh ...what ! ' WHAT NAME DO YOU ANSWER TO SIR ' ER .. Lou ...Loulou I whispered .. ' well turn around Loulou 'So I did and lift your slutty red dress up '..I complied completely terrified .next his hands were on my butt stroking my ass over my thong ..I couldn't believe it and I was actually getting aroused .He swung me round and pushed me to the floor .'OK slut unzip me ..I did as ordered and pulled out his semi erect cock ..'suck me now slut ' now I had fantasies about sucking cock but had never done it only watched crossdresser porn,first I licked it then put my lips on the head and slowly wrapped them round his hard cock .. and now here I was in my living room as slutty Loulou suckng a police officers hard cock . I sucked and cupped his balls and stroked his cock then he started to fuck my face and grabbed the back of my head ..

I was a bit scared but the alcohol was having an effect now . I felt his balls contracting and he started to cum , the first jets of warm cum hitting my throat caught me by surprise and I pulled back and some cum went on my lips and chin. I licked my lips and scooped up the cum on my chin with my finger and licked it clean ..He pulled his cock away and zipped himself up ..I stood up and he made for the door . as he reached the door I was feeling a bit brave now and said 'hey what about me ' pointing to my erect cock poking out of my thong .He stepped toward me and ripped my thong off (my best satin thong) grabbing my cock and furiously wanking me off.

It didn't take long for me to cum and jets of warm jis sprayed my wooden floor ..I collapsed to the floor with my dress round my waist and sitting in a pool of my own cum and he casually said 'if we get any leads sir we will be in touch ..with that he was gone ..I quickly locked the door and thought ' did this just happen ' AWESOME ! If you like this let me know and maybe we'll do some more xxx