The shame of it!

It was not until I reached puberty that I became aware of my girl self. Up until then, I had been a very ordinary and not very nice boy. As a baby, I am told, I had ringlets and was said to be very beautiful. In spite being dressed in blue, I was always mistaken for a girl. Determined to raise me as a boy, my mother got my ringlets chopped. During my childhood, I was brought up as a boy and I never wore girls' things, although I looked quite feminine and had a slim build. To my chagrin, I was made to do cookery and needlework rather than metalwork and woodwork, and I hated it so much that I messed around and learnt nothing. I really regret that as such skills are useful be you a man or a woman.

I had never really thought about girls's clothes until one day I read a comic called the Beano. In it was a weekly story called "Tom, Dick and Sally" in which Tom and Dick are mean to Sally, but she nearly always gets her own back. In this issue, at the end of the story, Sally puts her brothers in a position where they have to wear girls' clothes. Tom ends up in a sailor girl's outfit with a long skirt and Dick ends up dressed in a ballerina's costume, complete with a tutu of course, and showing off his legs. Both boys are blushing with the shame of it all!

In later issues, Tom and Dick end up dressed as babies, with frilly bonnets, as maids with frilly cap and apron, as girls in skimpy dancing costumes performing on a carnival float. In another story, they dress up as their favourite male pop stars, with leather jackets and sunglasses, but they get mobbed by a load of girl fans and lose all of their clothes. Sally is on hand to help - but only with dresses in the same style as her favourite pop princess and so Tom and Dick end up in dresses and with red faces. In another story, for a reason I can't remember, the boys decide to wear their hair long and refuse to have it cut. This causes their mother to put their long hair into ribbons - the boys look very silly but also pretty!

And so my own journey into girlhood began.

P.S. I wish I had been treated like Tom and Dick in those tales!