carolkj - CrossDressers in Seattle, Washington

Basic Info
I am:
Seattle, Washington, United States
Body type:
Few Extra 
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dark Blonde 
Dont smoke 
Drink occassionally 
Make Up, CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Stockings and Suspenders, Stockings and High Heels, Sexy Tops, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings 
About me:

I have been crossdressing off and on since I was 10. It started when I was 8 and a baby sitter forced me to put on one of my mom's bras and a pair of panties. That got me hooked. After years of experimenting with mom's clothes and after I moved out, I started buying my own clothes. Like many others, I went through the buy and purge cycles multiple times. Currently, I am dormant but life circumstances are changing and I want to be a woman more than ever.

About my match:

For now, I am looking for friends who share a story similar to mine. Probably at some point, I could venture into the romance seeking but that is down the road- carolkj62*yahoo**** I do like to meet new people and hear your stories.

I am looking for:
CrossDresser Friendship 
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