CCD Polls allow for active participation and engagement from our users. Instead of simply consuming content passively, you get to actively take part in expressing your opinions. We will update these polls on a weekly basis and cover various current and not so current topics. Some of these topics will be used to help us better understand how we are doing with the service while others will be general as well as crossdressing topics.

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Voting can be a valuable tool to help us improve our website. By implementing a voting system, we provide our users with the opportunity to express their opinions and preferences. This feedback allows us to understand what features, design elements, or content resonate most with our audience. By gathering votes, we can prioritize the areas that need improvement and focus our efforts on implementing changes that will have the greatest impact. Additionally, voting encourages engagement and interaction among our users, fostering a sense of community and ownership. Ultimately, using voting as a means of improvement empowers our users to shape the direction of our website, ensuring that it meets their needs and delivers a satisfying user experience. Please take a few seconds to express your opinion by voting below..

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