If you are polite, genuine, law abiding and friendly, you will always be welcome to use our site and its services. In the interest of a pleasant and friendly environment, to protect our members and our own interests, we have zero tolerance on the following:

  • Images containing below waist nudity in public areas of the Site. You must also have the consent of anyone else in the images you post.
  • Pornographic poses/posts in public areas of the Site.
  • Contact information on profiles, photos or any public posting such as timeline.
  • Copyrighted content, images or posts.
  • Spamming (whether it is your own website or belongs to someone else).
  • Harassment or stalking.
  • Communication of any sort via profile wording or images.
  • Abusive behaviour
  • Racist, sexist or an defamatory or hate language or insulting behaviour.
  • Illegal activity of any sort.
  • Profiles used for any other purposes than serving as a bio.
  • Soliciting or selling a service or product.
  • Slander or maline anyone on our site.
  • Profile photos must be recent and contain you.
  • Profiles must not contain nonsensical information or words.

We encourage you to report any inappropriate behaviour to us (we will treat your report in confidence) and also suggest you read a little about online safety. You can report in confidence by using the report link found on or near posts, profiles and images.

Disputes and Mediation

We will not become involved in any disputes between Members, nor do we provide any mediation or settlement services should a dispute arise. We provide blocking facilities on our site for this purpose.

Censorship and Moderation

We may in the interest of protecting our site and community, remove/censor posts or images at our discretion. We operate an automated censoring system to assist our moderators that automatically blocks/covers up certain words deemed offensive by our moderation department.

Violations Against Our Community Guidelines :

We take violations against our community guidelines very seriously and reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account immediately.