You have found you are a sissy crossdresser & want to talk with others like you.

Sure if your like me Anna the word sissy was not a word for me.
I called my self a crossdresser.
But the more I crossdressed the more i wanted to wear girly cloths, girly stuff with out people around me really knowing.

Wearing bra's under my shirts that no one could tell but i knew i was wearing one.

Wearing panties & hosiery under my pants & tring not to bend over or put myself in positions that would reveal that i was wearing these clothing item's under my men clothes.

Yup the more i lived the crossdressing life the more i came to find that hidding & doing stuff like this made me more & more of a sissy.

I even created my sissy maid outfit so i can clean the house for my women as she smiles & i know that anyone that walks by my apartment can see me in my sissy out fit & its fine with me.

So if your a crossdresser in Kenosha/ Racine Wisconsin area or close by.
Feel free to join & release your inner sissy.
Because if you hide it under your men cloths then your a sissy & thats ok with me.