Maybe you are like me and have drawers full of various foundations, blush, eye shadows, and lipstick that you thought would look fabulous and didn't quite work as planned. Or you have been mystified on how to apply your makeup to replicate the look you saw in Glamour or Cosmo. I find applying my makeup and trying out different looks and colors fun and it certainly boosts my confidence when it all comes out right. I am hoping this can be a place where we can share tips, ask questions, and feel comfortable sharing our thoughts on makeup and more! Finding out which colors work best for our complexion and eye color, and how do you achieve that smokey eye effect, or obtain those perfect lips are starting points, but there is so much more. Hair color and style along with the outfit you plan to wear also are factors. I hope you will consider this a place where you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences and pass along your secrets along with asking those burning questions.