It is very important that you read this page in full, as it also contains important information regarding re-billing.

Deleting Accounts
Accounts can only be deleted by our office staff. Therefore, to request deletion of your account you must use our contact form or email our customer support team. However, for security, you must provide your chosen secret word to prove you are the genuine account holder.

If you can’t remember Secret Word, you can easily find it in the last field in the bottom of your Profile Editor page.

    IMPORTANT! Deleting your account will not prevent re-billing. If you have a VIP subscription, you must cancel this yourself. This is easily done from the CCBill Support (click here) page to prevent re-billing.

    Warning: Deletions once initiated are permanent and you will lose all data including messages, friends, blogs, images and posts. This process is not reversible. Therefore please make sure you are 100% certain you want to delete your account.

    What Happens Next?
    Once we receive your request, a member of our support team will check the email you have used in the contact form matches the email address registered with. They will also check your Secret Word. Once this is confirmed your account will be deleted in line with our privacy policy.

    Where can I find my Secret Word?
    Your secret word is used to verify that you are the account holder. You can easily find your secret word by going to your profile editor or by clicking here.

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