We take violations against our Acceptable User Policies, Image Standards and Content Standards very seriously.

We do not comment on individual cases.

However, most accounts are on hold or blocked by us because:

  1. They tried to cheat by putting contact information on their bio.
  2. Uploaded photos showing below waist frontal nudity in public areas of the site.

There are of course other reasons such as rude, harassing, threatening behaviour amongst other things.

Blocked accounts are usually deleted within 28 days (some cases longer or as required the maximum period acceptable by law) as per our privacy policy and in line with EU law. This is to protect ourselves, others and if necessary provide evidence in a court of law.

If your account has been blocked and not banned (that is, you can login still and get passed the login page), you maybe able to unblock your account again just once by contacting Customer Support.

Please Note: you may need to provide your Secret Word which you gave us when you signed up and also the email address as you have used to sign up with.

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