If you wish to block a member from messaging you, you can do this easily. Once on the profile page of the member to which you would like to block or report, click the more button "..." link where you will be presented with a sub menu like the image below. Here you have options to block or report a user.

Blocking from the profile page will not block the user from instant messenger where you will need to block them from also. Blocking people for no real apparent reason is considered anti-social and could get your account blocked. We would like to also remind you that we do not get involved in individual disputes nor do we provide a mediation service or act as mediators.

Reporting is an important feature to help keep our community safer and allow its members to enjoy a socially pleasant environment. We therefore rely on our members to report anyone whom they believe should not be on our site.

Please Note: We do not reveal the reporter’s identity to anyone and therefore it is needless to say, all reporting is done in the strictest confidence.

What happens after your have made a report?
As per our privacy policies, we will not discuss individuals or their cases with you or any other third party. However, we do take every report seriously, investigate and take appropriate action if required.

Warning: Abusing the reporting system by reporting people just because you do not like them or having no reasonable grounds is not welcomed; could see your account being deleted without warning

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