What is a VIP Membership?
A VIP Membership gives you instant access to all the areas of ClubCrossDressing and allows you to send unlimited instant messages to other members. As one of our 10,000s of VIP Members, you get to enjoy the following benefits and features:

  • Send and read unlimited messages
  • Access the ClubCrossDressing Chatrooms
  • Access the ClubCrossDressing Instant Messenger
  • Create up to 20 Albums
  • Upload up to 200 Images
  • Write your own Blogs
  • Create your own Groups
  • Write on others Walls
  • Post on public Timeline
  • Comment or reply on Timeline
  • Comment or reply on Groups
  • Comment or reply on your own Walls
  • Comment or reply on Timeline
  • Leave a ClubCrossDressing Testimonial
  • Make your profile Invisible

A VIP Members get the ClubCrossDressing Golden Star superimposed on their profile photo which lets everyone know that the user has the full ability to communicate and reply back.

All upgrades are all instant via CCBill which is a very reputable and long established credit card vendor.

How Can I become a VIP Member?
You can easily upgrade by clicking the user menu which can be accessed by clicking on the "person" button at the top right hand corner of the page. If you have uploaded a profile photo and it has been approved, then simply click your profile photo button at the top right hand side of the page. You will then be presented with a menu - simply click the VIP Upgrade link.

Upgrade Here

Upgrades are instant with three, six and twelve month subscriptions which are renewed automatically respectively but if you feel you need a little break, you can easily cancel your subscription which will stop any future re-billing, but fear not, your VIP privileges will run until it expires still allowing you access to all the VIP features.

VIP Members are identifiable by the display of the“gold star” on the top left hand corner of their profile (main) image - see below

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