Maintaining a transparent relationship with our users is of utmost importance to us. This legal platform outlines our terms, conditions, policies, and standards in a user-friendly format. Prior to engaging with us, we kindly ask you to carefully read and comprehend the terms and policies. If there are any aspects that are unclear, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team for assistance.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions (also known as terms of use or terms of service) are a set of rules and guidelines which must be agreed upon in order to use our website, services or products. Terms and conditions are a legally binding document for all parties concerned.

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Privacy Policy

This policy is a document that discloses some or all of the ways our website, service or product gathers, uses, discloses, and manages customer or client data. It fulfils a legal requirement.

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Acceptable User Policy

These rules define what may or may not be done with the assets and data within our website, network, or service. It is to protect our company, users and website against abuse and overuse of the resources.

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Refund Policy

This policy outlines customer rights, eligibility, requirements and steps customers need to take in order to receive a refund from us.

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Cookie Policy

This policy outlines the types of cookies and other tracking technologies used on our website and what they do. We are required by EU law to state this and is also known as GDPR.

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The main purpose of our disclaimer is to make sure the information on our website will not be improperly relied upon and that there are no misunderstandings.

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DMCA Policy

A DMCA policy protects us from copyright infringements. It addresses our rights and obligations of copyrighted material owners who believe their rights have been infringed.

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Content Standards

This policy outlines what is and is not permitted on content posted by our members and users of our site. It is there to maintain a good standard of our service.

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Image Standards

This policy here is implemented to set out rules of what is acceptable and what is not in terms of image uploads and also to keep our site free of any pornographic images.

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Contacting us

If you wish to contact our support team with a questions relating to the above terms, please use our contact form.