We understand that some crossdressers and admirers like to occasionally show off their riskier side. What images/videos you post on the internet is very important and can have all sorts of ramifications and this is by no means any less important on ClubCrossDressing.

General rule to remember what ClubCrossDressing is, it is a CrossDressing site (emphasis on the word “dressing). What ClubCrossDressing is, is not a sex site.

This is not a sex site. As a rough guide, if your image(s) cannot be shown on mainstream television, then it is generally in violation of our image guidelines.

Your images/videos are part of what makes ClubCrossDressing so great and it not only represents the type of person you are, but the type of service we operate. We therefore have in place the following guidelines;

Your Images Must Not Contain:

  • frontal below waist nudity
  • no below waist frontal nudity though see-through clothing
  • no genitalia in aroused states (not even if clothed)
  • crotch shots (displayed in a sexual manner
  • no sex toys
  • private or contact information
  • Spam or advertising
  • any promotion of products or service
  • solicitation
  • impersonation or misrepresentation
  • minors *
  • no pets or animals
  • gruesome images or images depicting violence, violent gestures, weapons
  • racist, political or hate imagery
  • copyright and trademark infringement
  • anything that may damage our good reputation **
  • anything that may damage the good reputation of our community **
  • anything that may lower the quality of our site **

Your Profile Image(s) Must:

  • be of you or contain you ***
  • be recent
By uploading nudity, you are subjecting visitors, users and our moderators to view indecent images without their consent; this is called "Cyber Flashing" - do not do it!

* ClubCrossDressing is for adults only and is no place for minors. Any images uploaded of persons, who in our honest judgement appear to be under 18 years of age will be refused. In some cases we may ask for a copy of a government issue Photo ID document such as a passport or driving license to be presented to us to establish proof proof of age. The copy of any identification you send to us will be deleted in accordance with our privacy policies

** In our honest opinion.

*** We reserve the right to decline profile images and we may ask for proof that your photos are of you.

What to do if you spot any violations

Should you come across any violations, please help us maintain high standards by using the report link found next to the content in question and provide us with as much detail as possible.

Violations against Image Standards

We take violations against our image standards very seriously and reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account immediately and without warning or refund for any subscriptions in part or full.