CrossDressers in Edinburgh, Lothian - 1955melindas, is looking for Relationship.

I am:
Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom
Body type:
Few Extra 
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dont smoke 
Drink occassionally 
Marital status:
Make Up, Stockings and Suspenders, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings 
About me:

Hi, shy, unconvincing, lifelong cd.
i am a soft, gentle, person trapped inside a big, hairy (with beard), ugly male body. i try to encourage my breast development and would shave when convinced a relationship was right, loving and permanent.
i really enjoy wearing feminine clothes. They make me feel weak and vulnerable (i love both feelings), yet they also make me try to look my best, try to be pleasing for others.
i am very domesticated and am a good and happy housekeeper. i enjoy all the domestic chores.
Sex is not necessary, although i would welcome it and will always be available for 'use'. Sexually i am passive but will go where i am led. i have definite submissive tendencies, but am not into pain or filth at all - although i would accept mild punishment (spanking, perhaps) if i failed to satisfy.
i seek the impossible - a loving relationship and one in which i can truly vow to love, honour and obey.
i must stress i am very, very shy and may lack the courage to meet.

About my match:

i would like to connect with someone even older than i am to bring me out, maybe explore my increasing submissive feelings, and - but i am so very, very shy - maybe meet.
i have been married and adore women. i have never so much as kissed another male, but am definitely curious, fantasising and willing.
Who would i like to meet? Someone older than myself, i have always most easily respected and obeyed my elders.
A Woman to take me on a journey of complete role reversal.
A cd or old queen to teach me and gently lead me.
A man to have me.
Thank you for reading.

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