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I am:
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Make Up for Crossdressers,, Nail Care for Crossdressers,, CrossDressing Scene,, Hair care for Crossdressers,, Crossdressing in Stockings and Suspenders,, Crossdressers in High Heels,, Dressers wearing Mini Skirts, 
About me:
I try to be as convincing female as possible. Love stockings, suspenders, corsets, high heals and super slinky sexy clingy dresses. But also love my 4" stiletto thigth length black patent boots with short skirt. Love my wigs and full make up. Living with my soulmate who shares this and actively encourages this lifestlye. Just love being at clubs as Julie to mix with like minded souls and share this erotic environment, just wish we could this more.

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