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Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Make Up for Crossdressers,, Nail Care for Crossdressers,, CrossDressing Fashion,, CrossDressing Scene,, Hair care for Crossdressers,, Crossdressing in Stockings and Suspenders,, Crossdressers in High Heels,, Dressers wearing Mini Skirts,, Crossdressers in Low Cut Tops, 
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49 yrs old crossdresser, recently divorced, so i am now enjoying my femme side

i am 5ft 8 and just under 11 stone and blue eyed,
i am a size 10-12 (uk sizes) an fit perfectly into size 7 womens shoes,
and loving being a blonde, we def have more fun lol

i have lost track the amount of times i have been asked if i am trans or on hrt, so for the record i would just like to say, i am not trans and i am not on hrt

i have been told im curvy in all the right places
I love just dressing like the normal girl in the street i.e jeans an t shirt, but i can also be classy an sluttly when i need to be lol

i used to only ventured out at night in the crossdresser friend (darkness lol) but have been venturing out more and more during the day, since joining here my confidence has sort of risen lol, now quite happy going food and clothes shopping daytime enfemme, and even go pubbing and clubbing in gunwharf quays most weekends, and so far everything has gone well, nobody has called me out and i have not seen anyone laughing or looking at me strangely like they know, so i am guessing i can pass well so far, i feel in myself that in the past few months that i have really come on, i have been blotting out my brows and redrawing new ones, pencil thin, and trust me when i say it really makes a difference, really makes my face look for more fem

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