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I am:
Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
CrossDressing Fashion,, CrossDressing Scene,, Crossdressing in Stockings and Suspenders,, Crossdressers in High Heels,, Make Up for Crossdressers,, Nail Care for Crossdressers,, Hair care for Crossdressers,, Dressers wearing Mini Skirts, 
About me:
i am not allowed to chat on the "chat" part of this site, not sure why but .... I am a cross dressing dominatrix standing before you in a black pencil skirt with stockings and suspender belt under it, my f cup breast forms held in place in my black lace bra under the little black jacket. My long hair, past my shoulders, and make up are the things I am concentrating on right now. Hair up or loose, make up green or black eyes, cherry red or wine red lips? I love you kneeling before me and you get to look at my stocking tops from that angle.

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