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I am:
Mercer Island, Washington, United States
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About me:
Relatively nice. Passable and passible. Recherche. Mmmm, yeah, right. Describing one self as someone else would see me isn’t it. Isn’t the way to go. For it isn’t any someone. Is it? Not looking for a random someone. Any more than you are. Seeking a guy that is “compatible”. In practical terms this is a man that I like, that I’m comfortable with. One who can make me think, laugh, snicker, sigh, moan, tell about things that matter. Who finds me attractive. Enjoys me, my company, my body. Who will dare intimacy. Pretty vague so far. I’m 5’2’’ shoulder length auburn hair going toward brown. Don’t own a scale but don’t need one to know I’d like my body better if there was 15 pounds less of it. Nice legs, good face, make a nice enough looking girl. (Except for those days I look in the mirror and think ‘who do you think you’re fooling you stupid bitch.) Thoroughly educated. Former chemist. Prefer books to television. (For that matter books to most people.) Erratic moods. Not intentionally difficult. Initially shy. (Too shy and too quiet such that a second meeting is unlikely.) Enjoy doing more things than those I can think of just now. Long walks, photography (better with someone who knows about industrial, urban, dockyard places), chess, hikes, road trips, movies, plays, coffee and cigarettes, garage sales, getting out of Seattle, getting into parts of Seattle I know nothing about. Finding some outdoor place private enough to without clothes. Outdoor sex. Indoor sex during thunder storms, rainy days, cold days...most days, actually. Non-versatile bottom. Feminine as I know how.