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Very Fem 
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Staines, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Body type:
5'9" - 6'0" 
Mix Colours 
Smoke occassionally 
Drink socially 
Marital status:
Make Up, Nail Care, CrossDressing Fashion, Hair care, Stockings and High Heels, Mini Skirts, Tights / Panyhose 
About me:

Well, here goes. I am Ms Hannah Victoria Jones

I am a long time cross dresser (very much closeted) I have never come out to anyone. I am a shy and sensitive guy who just can't resist a pretty dress and high heels sandals or even flats and I more or less live in them. I prefer wearing tights to stockings and dresses to skirts. However I would like to be more free to explore the feminine woman inside me and let her out once in a while. I am creative, easy going, a musician (of sorts) and with a good intellect and do like to have fun.

I have never experienced wearing makeup or having long hair, and I have never been able to completely transform into a woman in that way.

I would identify with not being gender specific. I certainly don't identify with my self in the masculine sense and I have no wish to. However I am not a woman either. I'm not sexually attracted to men and only very few women but I have no objection to men admiring me as a cd or "en femme" as they say.

I like pink and fluffy furry things and cute little girlie things. I would love to have a ballerina outfit complete with tutu and pointe shoes. However I am not a sissy nor do I need or like to be dominated or trained in any way. I prefer tights to stockings and I love wearing feminine shoes. I love flats and heels in equal measures, I adore strappy sandals and I love to potter around my flat dressed up. If I were to enter into a relationship with someone then it would have to be as a wife. I've never been a boyfriend of any note to anyone but what may be missing is that I could be a great girlfriend or wife to someone.

About my match:

I would really like to make friends here, meet people and chat with people. I would be interested in meeting people with whom I could share being a girl with others on a social level but also someone who could nurture me and teach me about being more feminine, how to use make up, how to dress properly and also for shopping trips if possible.

On a romantic and intimate level I am looking for a woman sympathetic to my cd needs and one who can support me and let me fly free as it were so I can be myself. I will welcome any male cd admirers. However it would be friends first. Someone who is respectful of my needs and my ways.

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Hello Carly, I have to say that I think you look amazing and there is a lot I could learn from you in the feminization department, Much respect and much love to you Hxx Smile

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