I am:
Portland, Pennsylvania, United States
Body type:
Few Extra 
5'9" - 6'0" 
Dont smoke 
Do not drink 
Marital status:
Make Up, CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Stockings and Suspenders, Stockings and High Heels, Mini Skirts, Sexy Tops, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings, Sissy Maid Training 
About me:

64 yrs young. Occasional Xdresser,love femme clothing,
Panties,garters,stockings or pantyhose,mostly shaved,
conservative sexy looking skirts,dresses,jeans and tops
HighHeels.and makeup.Not totally convincing but enjoy getting out to mall or clubs

About my match:

Like to meet or chat w/women into Xdressers or other Xdressers,for friendship or more!

Reason for joining:
CrossDressing fun. 
Recent activity
JackieOhNo wrote on csilk69's wall:

You have a very HAPPY face which comes thru in your picture.thankyou for sharing ....XOXOs

JackieOhNo wrote on paula2962's wall:

I loved your pretty photos,or the pretty girl in the photos.
I wish we were closer in distance

JackieOhNo wrote on terrilee's wall:

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss,but if no one was hurt
and it was only things got lost we can replace things,I guess you
have heard that a few times by now.
I wrote to say your picture and that smile are so great,very pretty.
Now I wish I was in my twentys also..
I'm moving to Fla,but would like to say hello from time to time

JackieOhNo wrote on juliadream's wall:

Hi JuliaDream,when I saw your picture the first thing I thought to myself
You are a musician or into arts,fit in LedZepellin
I read the bio and you said you are into music.

JackieOhNo wrote on Misse's wall:

Wow beautiful,eyes lips hair,and those legs
Real Thing. Thankyou for sharing


Oh thank you so much.

JackieOhNo wrote on Moniquesatin's wall:

I enjoyed looking at all 21 photos.l
Looks like the real thing.thankyou

JackieOhNo wrote on EmmaSpring's wall:

Hello EmmaSpring,that's a nice name.And you have a very pretty face.
Some advice,DON'T smoke tobacco,it took me years to quit.
Be easy with alcohol,don't drink to get drunk or high
I'm in recovery
Be nice to your parents,we only get one set
Have fun Xdressing,,,,be careful making friends,don't trust til you know them!and again be careful,you're young

JackieOhNo wrote on charlene's wall:

Charlene,how did you recognize me,am I that ugly,haha
Ur still saying about powder your nose and take a peek outside ete etc.
It's a couple years.

JackieOhNo wrote on Michelleofbellevue's wall:

This is the best site for Xdressers and all I have come across.
It's mature and fun,imagination is so great
Your pics are great and soon as I get time,I'm moving to Daytona fla and very busy.ill put up more pics
very busy


Thanks Jackie. I work hard to look my best in all my pics! so I really appreciate the positive feedback! hope you enjoy the site!

JackieOhNo wrote on BBgirl's wall:

I'm moving to Daytona Beach in one month

JackieOhNo wrote on Billie2's wall:

Hi Billie 2,don't worry about being sexy,you are hot and gorgeous.
I am old fashion romantic,I'd love to cuddle and hug and nuzzle and hold hands and go for be steaming by then.
I'd love starting to make out with our clothes on and see where it would take us