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I am:
Shallotte, North Carolina, United States
Body type:
Few Extra 
6'1" - 6'4" 
Dark Brown 
Dont smoke 
Drink socially 
Marital status:
Nail Care, CrossDressing Fashion, CrossDressing Scene, Stockings and Suspenders, Mini Skirts, Sexy Tops, Tights / Panyhose, Stockings 
About me:

I just enjoy wearing feminine clothes. I am in the closet, family are not really receptive to this side of me in public. They don't mind me wearing my late wife's denim shorts but I don't think they would like me to go further. I wear feminine nightwear and have lots of feminine tops that I can wear without remarks.

About my match:

As a recently widowed guy, I am not looking for a match, just someone nice to chat with about my love of feminine clothes. I am not interested in cybersex chat and I am NOT gay.

Reason for joining:
Love of CrossDressing 
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MichaelaJane posted a new blog:
It's cold enough for thermal underwear and my black set that was bought for me a few years ago is just, well.... ugly!I decided to order a new set of themals. Someone pointed out to me that they are not sexy, but who cares when you need to keep warm, right? Ideal garments to wear outside under trousers a…

*SueNZ I got my order a few days ago and I love them! Yes, tights and stockings are nice, and I do wear them often, but in the temperatures we are having lately around here, these are ideal.


I wear thermal undies sometimes. I don't mind them not being sexy. It's lovely to have women's underwear on whatever the style. I like to dress to suit the weather so do wear tights sometimes too. Christina


Oh, I do wear tights often, I just wanted some new thermals.


I agree, best to be warm. I would prefer hosiery etc but that would be only if you could be comfortable.

tino1955 wrote on MichaelaJane's wall:

Same thing and the need to dress up is something i cant escape from so i must excet who i am and go with .happy new year.Martin

Michelle43 wrote on MichaelaJane's wall:

Thats cool I justice love to talk about clothes and shoes im along npt gay justify finding different dressing up makes me happy

MichaelaJane wrote:

Needed a cardigan and tights in the house today, below freezing outside.

MichaelaJane wrote:

I went looking for a new bra today, I know my size by following measuring instructions on https://www.barenecessities****/feature.aspx?pagename=fit_sizing
It's easy and straightforward. So, I am looking for 42C, easy until the racks in the store have all the sizes you expect 32B, 36C, etc...etc.... and then there is XS and XL. Where did they come from? They are not even in the sizing chart!!! Confused is what I was. LOL

MichaelaJane wrote:

So, last night I forgot to take my wheelie bin to the roadside for the trash men to collect. Dilemma!!! I was dressed so do I take the plunge and just go, or do I chicken out and change. Well, the clocks had just gone back here so it was dark so I just did it! First time out of the house and in the front yard for the 50 yard walk to the road and back pulling a wheelie bin that rumbles and draws attention. I was wearing this denim dress.


why not ? - lifes too short - afterall a trashman may have took a fancy? x


Good on you. What an exhilarating experience.

MichaelaJane posted a new blog:
I recently bought a wig and am still getting used to it. As a career service man, it has been difficult to get used to long hair but I am getting there. One thing I really like is watching girls with long hair and loveas the way it moved as they walked. Tonight, I have a low back dress on and it feels so amaz…
MichaelaJane wrote:

Tonight's outfit is red dress, light pink tights and ballerina flats.

MichaelaJane posted a new blog:
This morning, I decided to try my hand at makeup. I don't have much, just a few things around that belonged to my late wife. I was always fascinated, watching her do her makeup and this morning, a tear came to my eye as memories of watching her came flooding back. Anyway, this isn't supposed to be a…

Hi Michaelajane, What a nice blog, I am a closet CD and married, I think that what you are doing must be theraputic in dealing with your loss. I think that if i survived my Wife that I would not part with any of her lovely clothes and makeup. It wouldn't be a substitute for her presence but I'm sure it would help.....Best Wishes.......Cristine....X


Well done Michaelajane, good for you.

MichaelaJane wrote:

I am investigating the possibility of buying a wig, I don't know anything about them and would be grateful of any info regarding what to look for. I have never been one for spending ages with my hair so would need one that is just "put on and go" with little or no hassle.


Thanks Kimmy, something to think about but I doubt I will really need to be convincing, being a closet and all.


Always buy "real" hair although synthetic hair is cheap it does what it says on the tin it is cheap and less than convincing.
Real hair can be washed, styled, dried with a hair dryer and use straighteners and tongs on it.
Cheap wigs look what they say and invariably people know what they are.
Hope this helps.


i just use synthetic - cheap n cheerful - reasonably cheap also


But which is best? Synthetic or human hair? I need something that looks good without too much effort.