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Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Crossdressing in Stockings and Suspenders,, Crossdressers in High Heels,, Dressers wearing Mini Skirts, 
About me:
​​​​​Straight CD seeks friendship with CD or couple with CD. I wrote this long profile for that one person that is looking for the same. It'll bore the rest of you :). My primary reason for being here is to find, specifically, a cross dressing, motorcycle riding, adventure partner. My chances of finding that person are slim to none as I live over a hour north of Wickenburg. I would love to find an adventure partner, to go on multi-day trips with, dual-sport riding, hiking, exploring, and later, cleaning up and dressing up for the evening. Two guys, enjoying doing guy stuff but both happen to have this naughty side they can share as well. Though I'm straight, I enjoy a nice looking CD, they even turns me on a little. I don't like CDs with beards or that are overly hairy. I do not like chastity belts, tucking, sissy or anything that seems to be emulating a young girl or doing anything with parents or siblings. ZERO interests in those things. I'm not looking for intimacy with another man and I'm not interested in bi play at all. If you're bi, it's cool, as long as you can respect that I will not be indulging in that way. Unfortunately, most think that means 'I might be open to it' but I've had my opportunities, don't care for it. I am married and she does know about my kinky side. We're mid 50's, fun loving, intelligent, and have a great relationship. While she doesn't like seeing her man in women's clothing, she is fun about it and understands it on some level. I try not to overwhelm her with it, I don't constantly talk about it and when we do play, I try not to make it all about me and my needs. She shops for me and I buy a lot of things online as well. I get to play with her as my alternate self, once to four times per month on average so I certainly cannot complain. This profile is not about us as a couple but I do wonder if she would ever entertain the idea of our having a non-sexual CD friend. You see, over the years, we've had a couple of girlfriends. Those friendships were very sexy, lots of fun. The ladies would often enjoy teasing me, in good ways. They would show me their boobs in public(ish) places, wear sexy things when we would go out. Back at home, it would get sexier. They would model much hotter outfits, down to lingerie and sometimes things would get heated and the toys might come out. I never had sex with our friends but just getting to play with two women was incredible. I fantasized about getting to dress up with them but it never happened. I've wondered what it might be like to have a CD friend that I've come to trust and feel comfortable with in our own relationship. I wonder what would happen if I divulged to my wife that my friend is a CD too. Would she be willing to let us play as we did with our lady friends? I know her well enough that she absolutely would not want sex with our friend but if she got involved, she would make it sexy, modeling, showing off, playing fun games. I'd like our friend to dress and cater to us, have fun reasons to dress. Of course, that's just me fantasizing. First, I've never come across anyone I could build a friendship like this with and second, while my friend could hope and love the thoughts, he'd have to be ok with just that because, there is no promise being made of any kind. Back to me, this is all private. While I love being outside dressed, I don't do it very publicly, only secluded airbb's for example. I've driven to work and home dressed, I've dropped off videos, I've gotten the mail when we lived in a rural area but that's the extent of my public side. I believe that with a friend, I would be braver about hitting a CD friendly bar/event outside of AZ. I have no need to tell the world or prove that I can pass but I sure would enjoy knowing someone I could share this with. I have a lot of clothing, love making up different outfits and looking as sexy as I can. When you see me as a man, you would never guess that I could look feminine. The ideal person for me would be in their mid to late 40's to 60 max. I demand and offer complete discretion, and prefer a CD with plenty of experience dressing but closeted, someone who's not out on the town dressed up. You do not have to pass or be totally feminine, just sexy, cute, stylish, androgynous when you dress. If you've actually read this far and it sounds like something you're looking for, contact me, let's see where it goes. Please refrain from sending one line messages as they simply get deleted. If you can't communicate, there's no way to open a conversation. Also refrain if all you'll tell me is how compatible we are but that you live a thousand miles away, that's just discouraging.