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Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States
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About me:
I'm a 33 year old crossdresser from Fort dodge iowa I've been crossdressing since age 4 thanks to my mom and her friend Jennifer. Well when I was 8 I dressed up like normal and my mom and dad freaked out on me and said boys don't do that and ripped the.clothes off me and said.never to do it again. I was so heart broken I started to cry.. my mom's friend Jennifer asked me if I liked dressing up like a girl I said yes because the way I looked in the clothes and the way they felt on me. Jennifer asked me if I wanted to keep dressing up I said yes so she told my mom that I was going to her house to hang out with her kid. Once we got to her house.we went to her bedroom and she called her sister Stacy who was a stripper and said told her my story.. once Stacy got to Jennifers house she had 2 big duffel bags of sexy items.. they asked me if they could undress me and dress me up in sexy women's stuff.. I said yes I was so excited so they put a black lace silk thong which they pulled all the way in my ass on 1st then a silk black bra black lace thigh high pantyhose and a garter belt a sexy lingerie top and stripper high heels then they did my hair nails and makeup. i was a naughty 8 yeaold old sissy crossdresser. thanks to Jennifer and her sister Stacy who is a stripper they dolled me up in my 1st black lace silk thong lace lingerie top lace thigh high pantyhose and heels makeup everything. From age 8 to 12 I would go to Jennifer's house and dress up and learn how to Be a naughty sissy girl. Age 12 my step sister caught me in her room In her pink thong pink bra mini dress and pink bra I was watching a porn tape. My sister even took me to her friend's house so I could steel there mom's panties bras pantyhose lingerie dresses anything I wanted it was amazing i had tons of items.